Saturday, May 14, 2011

Our Patient Patient

Hakan went 16 hours before surgery without food or water and you wouldn't even have known it.
He was all smiles with the nurses as we were herded from room to room.
Sweet purple hospital clothes:)

Finally it was time for my little baby to go to surgery. 
I watched my two boys walk out of the room holding hands, wanting to run after them and make sure everything was ok.
I said another prayer and we waited.
And waited.
And waited.
It was finished and we got to go get our baby from post-op, he did great and everything went well.
Daddy picked him up, but he wanted to come to me (tear).
He was still really groggy and layed his head on my shoulder as we walked to short stay.
He slept on me like when he was a baby, so sweet.
I love my little guy so much, it was so hard knowing he was going into surgery and I couldn't hold his hand and control what was going to happen.
But knowing that God was in control and holding my baby's hand gave me the peace and comfort to get through the day.
Thank you for the extra prayers:)

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Layman said...

I am glad that everything went well. I pray that you are all doing well. We miss you. How is the new baby and parents?