Monday, May 9, 2011

You Want Me to What?!

We had to go to the Dr. today for a preop appt. for Hakan's surgery on Thursday, see this post for more details.

Everything's A-OK.  

The Dr. noticed that the hospital needs a urine sample from Hakan..."how in the world do we get that?!"  I asked.  She said they have a little baggie with adhesive on it that you just stick on and put the diaper back on.  Oh good, because otherwise I think it might be impossible.  She was going to send the nurse in with the stuff...15 minutes later she comes in with the cup.  She asked us to go to the waiting room to wait and get him to pee...what?!  Can you imagine us in the waiting room with Hakan's pants off, me following him around with a cup waiting for him to pee?  HA!  I'm not sure this nurse should be in pediatrics.  I told her about the baggie, she had no idea what I was talking about, but left and came back with it, and gave it to me all packaged up, then left, didn't tell me how to use it or what to do when he peed.  

So I figured out how to put the thing on him and we went out to the waiting room to wait.  It didn't take long, so then I took him to the bathroom and took the baggie off (poor Hakan, it was like a ginormous bandaid down there for him) and then didn't know what to do with the pee in the baggie to get it into the cup.  I tried pouring it into the cup, but the baggie had this little compartment that all the pee went into, so only a little went in.  

I figured I had to take it to the lab, so I went that direction and handed the lady the cup and baggie...I told her I was sorry I didn't know how to get the pee out.

Anyway, frustrating and funny at the same time, having a toddler pee into a cup, ha!  We need to find a new place:)

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