Friday, June 24, 2011

38 Weeks

This is not a good picture, but here it is:)  As I post this I'm closer to 39 weeks.  

On Tuesday is our scheduled c-section for this little girl.  Hakan was an emergeny c-section and practices around here don't do VBACs (vaginal birth after c-section).  It's sad because Dr.'s are controlled by their insurance...comforting huh.  

We don't really have anything "baby" up around the house yet, swing, bouncy seat, or put the car seat in the car...we hope two will fit fine in my car:)  
With Hakan the last three weeks were a waiting game.  It could've been any day.  With this one, we've just had it scheduled and have no thoughts about her coming early, so we've just had this set deadline for things, she won't be here until the 28th.  Obviously, she could still come early, but we're not counting on it as Hakan was a week and a half over due.

So we have a few days left to get some stuff done.  I know we're cutting it close, but really you don't need to do a lot with a newborn except feed it and change it:)

I've been pretty sore this last week and really slow moving.  I wonder if your ribs can get stretched out, because she's really pushing on them.  My Dr. thinks she's long, so was Hakan, so it's probably a good guess.  There's no more room in there, I'm excited to have her out and in this world.

We can't wait to meet her and introduce her to Hakan.  He'll be a great big brother!

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