Wednesday, July 6, 2011


Adeline Grace Halvorson
Tuesday, June 28, 2011
7lbs 12oz 21 1/2 in
(Adeline was Derek's grandma and Grace was my great-grandma)

There are so many things that come with a new baby that can easily get you frustrated, more laundry (seriously, how can something that small make so much dirty?!), waking up every couple of hours to nurse all night long, as a result of the nursing every couple of hours, extremely sore nipples and exhaustion, lots and lots of diapers, baby stuff everywhere...

But none of this matters.  

Not when...

it's just me and her in the middle of the night and I'm the only one that can nurse and soothe her to sleep again.

I'm done nursing her and she makes the sweetest faces in her sleep I could just cry.

she's wide awake and I know when she's looking at me she sees me, her mama.

she curls up in a ball on my chest or in my arms and it's like how she was inside of me.

she curls her super long fingers around one of mine.

she makes her little squeaks, sighs, and grunts in her sleep.

I can smell her sweet baby smell.

I see Hakan holding her, giving her kisses and covering her up with a blanket.

I see her daddy cuddling and loving on her.

I hold her tiny little feet in my hands.

All of this means the world to me, my family means the world to me.  None of the challenges and trials mean anything except to make us stronger and closer as a family.  

I'm so excited to have Adeline be part of our family.

Our little family of four:)

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