Thursday, February 9, 2012

Saying goodbye to an old friend

Eleven years ago, I was going into my senior year of high school and my mom bought me a brand new 2002 Honda Accord.  "Why would a parent buy a brand new car for a high schooler," you may ask, I have absolutely no clue, cause it's not happening with our kids, but I did take really good care of her in my defense:)

I never named her, just called her, her.  We've been through a lot together.

My friend Heidi came with to help pick her out.  We had a really fun hour drive home...blaring music with the sun roof open:)

She may or may not have given my friends crazy rides in her the record (there was a safety latch so you could get out from the inside, no worries:)

She took me and my friends on my first road trip to my first actual concert in the cities, Dashboard Confessional, awesome, awesome time!

She sat in idle while Derek and I would stay up until 4:00 in the morning talking in each other's driveways...just talking mama Wendy;)

She drove my hot Brazilian friend, Vinni and I to senior prom (he wasn't allowed to drive with anyone except his host family, so I drove in heels:)  Derek didn't want to drive 14 hours just for prom.

She took me to my high school and college graduations. 

She took me to college, packed to the windows with all the stuff I thought I was going to "need" but never did.

She listened as I sat alone and cried.

She was there dressed in streamers, lipstick and condoms after Derek and I said "I do." 

She made a 4 hour trip every other weekend for four months so I could see my husband, while he had a job and I finished college.

She was the one who brought our first baby safely home from the hospital and then two years later, our second baby.

She let me sleep in her for hours and hours while Derek was driving.

She's put up with a lot, two accidents (my fault), two speeding tickets, a bad transmission, hit and run, door dings, postal truck backing into her, spilled drinks, food, spit up, dirt, mud, you name it, she's probably had it on her upholstery.  

Yesterday, I had to go and clean out all of my stuff, I maybe shed a tear.  So many memories. I had a necklace my dad gave me for HS graduation and one of the diamonds fell out, so I put it in the little drawer thing and that's where it's been for 10 years, until yesterday.  

Derek gave me some homemade soaps from his aunt and they've been in the glove box for 10 years...they made the car smell good:)

I ripped off my Georgetown Swimming sticker that my friend Cassie gave me when she was going to school there.  And also my parking sticker from my first year at college in 2003.

I know this probably sounds foolish, talking about a car like this, but 11 years is a long time.  And to see her in the shape she's in, I just feel like I'm abandoning her.  If you missed what happened, you can read this.

Her last and final memory was saving my husband's life and his two coworkers.  Thanks dear, I'll never forget it.

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