Tuesday, February 21, 2012

My Birthday Weekend

I had a great and full weekend.

Der's mom and brother came on Friday and she graciously watch our babies while we stayed in a hotel.  Crummy hotel, but a wonderful time for us to reconnect...and a little HGTV since we don't have cable:)

We had such a good talk, it just really brought us back to the closeness and passion that we had when we first started dating 11 years ago, we need that every once in a while:)

We stopped at Izzy's for some cinnamon and graham cracker ice cream, oh man, so good!

On Saturday, we went car shopping, dun dun dun.  Not something I wanted to be doing, but it had to be done and luckily we had Der's mom:)  We ended up finding a car we liked for a good price and went back on Monday to pick it up.

Then on Sunday, it was my 28th birthday, woah, getting closer and closer to the big 3-0!

Even more special was Adeline's dedication at Southland City Church.  I LOVE dedicating our babies to God, it's such a special event.  Both our kids did fabulous...besides Adeline spitting up right when we got on stage:)  (We have church in a middle school, hence the school play props in the background)

My wonderful mother-in-law:)

My sister was in town with a friend so she was able to come which made it even more special.  

Then we went to our favorite restaurant, Teresa's, yummy yummy mexican food.

And then went home to eat the absolutely awesome s'mores cake Der made me, seriously the best cake I've ever eaten.  Best. Husband. Ever!

I accidentally blew the candle out by laughing and then snorting:)

I took a birthday nap in the afternoon, so needed, and then Hakan and I went outside to play.

He looks like such a little boy and not a toddler anymore:(

It was such a fantastic weekend!  Thanks for all the birthday wishes from family and friends, you mean the absolute world to me, I feel so blessed!

Have a great Tuesday:)

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