Thursday, April 19, 2012

One Day

I blog so I can remember things, I have an absolutely terrible memory!  I want to remember not just the awesomely great times, but also the hard and frustrating times.  It’s fun…eventually to see how God turns those stressful times into something good.  

So, I just had to blog about my day because I think in 20 years I may have forgotten just how one day can be a roller coaster ride of craziness.

7:00 am – I hear Hakan and Adeline’s door open and then Adeline talking, not sure who woke who up, but they both slept all night and slept in!  Awesome!  I’ll take what I can get with Adeline.  And I slept pretty well on our new mattress.  It could be a really good day.

7:10 am – Derek’s actually still home, working, but home.  He doesn’t have to leave for a client’s until 8:00.

8:10.  So I’m nursing Adeline and I asked Hakan if he had to go potty, so he took off his pj’s and diaper and walked over to the bathroom.  He comes back saying he went pee. 

7:15 am – I discover Hakan has actually peed an entire lake on the bathroom floor, hitting everything except his potty.

7:20 am- I grind my coffee beans and make my coffee (usually one of the first things I do and favorite) and make some oatmeal for Hakan and give him yogurt while it’s being made.  Hakan’s still naked at this point, as I’m considering doing a naked day to see if we can get him on the potty, so he eats breakfast naked.  I give Adeline some puffs (her third container this week) and yogurt bites and she’s happy as a clam, because if she’s not sleeping, she’s eating.

7:40 am – I clean off Hakan who always manages to get more of his food on himself and the floor then in his mouth and he goes to play in the living room where we have our old queen size mattress still lying on the floor.  My sister’s been close by doing her clinicals and has been staying with us a lot, so we figured we leave it in there while she’s still around.  Hakan loves to play and jump on it…also apparently use it as a potty.  He peed on it.  Screw the naked day, I’m already done.

They LOVE to look out the window:)
7:50 am – I clean up my second pee mess of the day and kind of start to freak out and have a melt down.  Meanwhile Derek is just getting ready to leave and it’s not looking like a good start to either of our days.

*side note – I have the MN Market coming up fast and don’t have a lot of inventory for it and it’s sooooo hard to find time to do anything in the midst of being a wife, mama, sister, daughter, friend…etc.  Also, I mentioned before I started selling Lia Sophia, so I have parties a few nights a week.

8:00 am – I am having a full blown, crying, whining, complaining , not pretty, melt down and the worst part is I start to take it out on my sweet Derek, poor guy, didn’t see it coming.  What a way to send your husband off to work, such a selfless , loving wife I am, ugh. 

8:15 am – I apologize to my dear husband and wish him a good day…hopefully I didn’t spoil it for him.  I also texted him later with another apology, I felt terrible.

8:20 – 8:45 am – Hakan pushes, shoves, elbows, and sits on Adeline about a gazillion times and then I put her down for her morning nap.  She’ll be able to fight back someday, watch out Hakan.

9:00 – 9:30 am – Hakan and I read some books quietly on the couch.  I change the first of probably many poopy diapers from him today.

9:30 – 10:00 am – Hakan and I watch Tangled while I cut some ribbon for my 35 plush ribbon crinkle toys.

10:00 am – Adeline wakes up from a pretty short nap and I decide to hop in the shower, an every other day kind of occurrence for me, so yay for shower day!

10:30 am – Start laundry…still haven’t put away last weeks.

11:00 am – I decide we should get out of the house and I have a good Kohl’s coupon, so we head there.  Bad idea.  Adeline went in the cart and Hakan was supposed to stay beside me…that happened about 5% of the time, the rest of the time I was yelling for him throughout the store.  However, I will call it a success as there was no screaming crying melt down.  Adeline just snacked and talked.  I did find some good deals.

12:00 pm – We get home and I make some lunch.  Hakan smashes his PB&J all over his face, he thinks it’s hilarious, me, not today.

12:30 pm – I squeeze in a meal for myself and then get the kids cleaned up and in the living room to play.  Hakan dumps out all the toys in the bins, awesome.  A couple weeks ago I bagged up two large garbage bags full of toys and took them to the garage…I’m tired of fighting over picking them up, so I’m just going to take them away.  They have too many anyway.

1:00 pm – Adeline goes down for her second nap.  Before I go downstairs, I can smell something.  I thought it was the cloth diaper pail, but oh no, it was Hakan who had pooped again downstairs.  I could smell him all the way upstairs!!!  So I changed his second poopy diaper.

1:30 pm -  Hakan goes down for his nap.

1:45 pm – I get all the stuff I need to work on all set up and start at it, hoping and praying for a good solid two hours of work time…right. 

2:30 pm – Hakan wakes up crying, stands in the hall and wakes up his sister from her nap as well.

2:45 – 4:30 pm – I try to finish up some stuff and get together my Lia Sophia goodies for the party that night, while Adeline and Hakan take out every cookbook from the shelf, empty the diaper bag, get into my jewelry and eat random stuff off of our dirty floor.  Mother of the year award, right here.

4:30 – 5:00 pm – I try to simultaneously wash 5 day old dishes and make supper, meanwhile, Hakan has taken a fork and is putting giant holes in our screen door.

5:00 – 5:45 pm – The kids are fed and a mess.

5:45 – 6:00 pm – I run upstairs to get ready for the party and Derek finally gets home, so I’m out the door and across the street (my neighbor was having the party).

6:00 – 9:30 pm – Lia Sophia party, very fun, but no bookings, sad.

9:30 – 10:45 pm  – Enter in party orders, check Etsy, chat with Derek, continue laundry, pump.

11:00 pm – Go to bed...but lay there for a while thinking about the day and tomorrow.

I think it would be pretty hilarious and probably embarrassing to have your life video taped.  Every day is so different with ups, downs and everything in between, but there's always love.  

Now we start a new one.

P.S. Adeline started clapping and it is so adorable!!

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