Monday, May 28, 2012

Last Few Days in FL

When we were in Miami, we stayed downtown and just walked everywhere.  On one of our last nights, we walked to dinner and while eating, it started raining...then pouring...then flooding.  

It was already way past the kids' bedtime so we didn't want to try and wait it out, who knows how long it would rain, so we braved it.  Within a matter of seconds, we were soaked through.  We had around 7 blocks to get to our building.  The streets were completely flooded.  I had to take my shoes off so I didn't lose them.  Across the street from our building, a man pulled over and offered to give us his umbrella, so sweet!!  But so pointless by then, ha! There was about 2 inches of water in the diaper bag I had to dump out.  

Craziest thing I've ever been in!

The kids and I spent our last day at the pool.  Oh how awesome it would be to have access to a pool everyday...

I actually got some pictures flying back this time...not very good ones, but I had my hands full:)

It had already been a long day by this point, but they did pretty well for Adeline not liking to sit on laps and having to sit on the runway before takeoff for an extra 45 minutes.  We also sat next to a much much nicer lady this time:)

Those dang little baby hairs that grow back after you have a baby, totally off topic, sorry.

I also saw a dolphin in the wild swimming in the bay right outside our building, probably the highlight of our vacation, I was so excited, but couldn't get a picture:(

We'll miss you Miami, but it's good to be home!

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