Thursday, July 19, 2012

Adeline's 1st Birthday Pinwheel Party

Our baby turned ONE!

I love that both our baby's birthdays are in the summer:)  I decided to go with pinwheels, fun to make, fun to watch, just all around fun!

It was such an amazing day celebrating with family and friends.  Thanks to everyone for helping out and making it special!  Parties are so awesome!

Just ignore the garage in the background;)

We made some raspberry lemonade smoothies in bell jars and just stuck them in the freezer until the party and since it was 95 degrees out, they "slushed" up pretty quick and tasted delicious!

I used some pipe cleaners and yarn to spell out her name.

The little buckets were party favors.

I made the little pinwheel cupcake toppers.  

Everyone at the party wrote a little message on some puzzle pieces that I'll put a picture from her birthday on.

Yep, nice garage in the background:)

Adeline's first year in pics.

The birthday cake I made.

Adeline's Great G'ma Mae.

I made her little outfit and headband.

My lovely husband in charge of burgers and hot dogs.  Love him!

We set up a pool and slip n' slide, which works perfectly on my mom's crazy hilly took Hakan a few times to figure out how to run and slide on his belly.

G'ma Wendy

Adeline's favorite gift, puffs. 

Such a great day!  Can't wait for Hakan's third birthday party!

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LBWV said...

Adorable! You throw a great party it looks like!