Saturday, July 21, 2012

World's Largest Buffalo

We spent a busy week out of town.  

First up, a good friend from high school got married and we got to catch up with some old swim buddies:)

Me, Aundrea, Betsy (she's an OB nurse who came to the hospital when I was supposed to have Hakan, who has to be one of the best nurses ever:) and Jenny.

Then we went to our home town for a few days, which also just happens to have the world's largest buffalo.

It had been years since we had actually gone to see it, so Derek's mom and sister and my sister all came with too.

Of course we have real buffalo, and two of them happen to be albino, White Cloud and her baby named Dakota Miracle.  Native American's consider albino buffalo's as sacred.

I don't actually know which albino buffalo this is.

Hakan loves trains!

My little fish went swimming.

We took Hakan to his first movie theater movie, Madagascar 3, he loved it!

We had an awesome Fourth of July too, but I'll put that in it's own post.

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