Thursday, July 12, 2012

Summer (Birthday) Date Night Mission 2

We're on a eat a lot of ice cream:)  You can read about our first night here.

This time we went out for Der's birthday, the big 29, dun dun dun;) I picked Chino Latino's to eat, one of my faves...and you might be wondering why Derek didn't pick, he needs time to research and didn't have that time, so I got my favorite, lucky me!  We're good for each other that way, he loves to try places we haven't been to, and I'm more of a, "why mess with a good thing" kind of girl.

It's so loud in there, it really isn't a place that you can talk, which I always forget about.  But super good food!

We went with some good friends from college, Brian and Robyn, who are having a baby in the fall, so excited for them!!

Then we tried out a new ice cream place, Sebastian Joe's.  I'm kind of going with the theme of cherries if I can, to compare.  We tried a black cherry one and a cookie dough...I think, it was a couple weeks ago now.   It was good, but I think the Pumphouse is still my fave so far.  They guy who helped us was also not very friendly, which kind of puts a little cloud over our experience.


We had such a great time, it was a perfect night out!

Happy Birthday to my baby!!

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