Friday, July 20, 2012

Father's Day

I'm only a month behind on my Happy Father's Day!

We're kind of low key celebrator's of these holidays.  Some friends invited us over for lunch after church to their beautiful home.  And then took pictures with their fun camera, as I completely forgot mine.

Last year I wrote a little bit about my three dad's here.

Every year that passes, I find myself doing things that remind me of one of my dad's.

I am so thankful for Derek, who takes care of our family not only financially, but he's loving and patient with all of us.  I know that God made him the father of our children for a reason and he is perfect for them.

I had the kids paint some pictures for daddy.

Then I tried to take these pictures to frame for daddy...SO difficult to get them both looking with the letters...impossible really, but super cute:)

We ended up using this cute water color bubble art for the background.

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