Wednesday, October 5, 2011

Girls'/Family Weekend

What was supposed to be a wonderful weekend in Sioux Falls with my three favorite ladies, turned into a busy, but fantastic weekend with two of those three friends and lots of family...lots of family, in Fargo.

Sadly my friend Jenni was swamped with work and couldn't make it from KC, so instead of my friend Missy having to drive all the way to Sioux Falls from Bismarck, we decided to meet in Fargo.

Only one problem with would not be solely a girls' weekend, like I've so desperately wanted and needed.  We have lots of family in that area.  

And so begins the super crazy, busy, awesome weekend.

In three days...

  • we visited a good friend that I haven't seen in a while, Sara, love her!  
  • my cousin, Megan, cut my hair, she's awesome and soon moving here to the cities, super excited!!
  • my two best girlfriends, Missy and Kristy, arrived in town and we hung out, ate, shopped, caught up and ate some more.
  • my loving hubby, Der, took Hakan most of the time (I owe him big time).

heepy of sleepy

Missy, me and Kristy
  • we watched my little sister Sammy play volleyball, something we rarely get to do because we don't live close, I love watching her play!

  • we visited my G'ma Jenny, who's nephew was also in town.

  • we visited my Aunt Jan, who also let us stay at her place for a couple nights:)
  • we celebrated my G'pa Don's birthday and spent some time with my G'ma Mae and my great uncle Dale.

  • we saw my mom, step dad, Darold, and my sister Alyssa.
  • we stayed in a pretty nice hotel...the girls (and Adeline) in one room and Der and his family in another, so we also saw Der's family.
  • we visited Der's aunt Pam, Hakan fell asleep on daddy...something that NEVER happens, but he missed a nap.

So one word to describe the weekend, exhausting (see above picture), but in a good way.

I was filled up.  I love these weekends that I can spend with my girlfriends, that I've known forever.  They know me, inside and out, and I know them.  We are completely comfortable with each other, love each other and each other's families.  We can be totally honest with each other and not feel judged or criticized.  They are my family and always will be.

Don't get me wrong, I love seeing family as well, I just see them more then I see my ladies, so a weekend with them is rare and special.  Next time, just the girls:)

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