Monday, September 30, 2013


I have so many posts from august and september, but this is from this weekend, and the rest will come eventually...hopefully :)

Derek's cousin, Breezy, came to visit the U of M and then spent Sunday with us.  We haven't seen her in probably 9 years, they live in Washington state.  We had such a fun day with her at the MN Zoo, it was so beautiful out!  The kids loved her of course and had a blast!  


(I sewed this skirt, I love the fabric!)

She even volunteered to babysit while we went to a benefit dinner for Twin Cities Rise, one of Derek's clients and an awesome nonprofit that not only helps people get back into the work field, but empowers them.  It was held at one of the coolest venues I've been to, the Aria in Minneapolis.  I want to get married again and have it there, seriously amazing.

We paid her in Coco Wheats...they don't have them in Washington, and they're delicious:)  Apparently, going through security, three boxes of them are suspicious and had to be wiped for "residue."

Backtracking a bit to Saturday, we actually picked up my sister, Sammy, from Bethel, and went to Como Zoo.  Yep, two zoo's in one weekend, crazy animal lovers here.  It was rainy, but that just makes it less busy and perfect :)

A baby giraffe, are you kidding me, the cutest thing ever!

They had a tarantula exhibit...a little creepy, but still amazing creatures. 

Typical family picture, as Adeline is almost face first into the pond behind us.

This polar bear is ginormous...I mean only a few feet difference between us:)

 Having my sister so close is awesome!  We love getting to see her more.  And maybe Breezy will decide to move here too;)

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Becca Groves said...

That skirt is AMAZING. And Hakan kills it in that hat. And I think we now will be making a trip to Como to see that baby giraffe. Adorable. All of it.