Wednesday, September 4, 2013

Hakan and Adeline's Orchard/Farm Birthday Party

Adeline turned 2 on June 28th and Hakan turned 4 on July 28th, so we had a combined farm/orchard party for both of them in July.  Some friends of ours, Mike and Gretchen, graciously let us have the party out at their orchard, Sweetland, our favorite!  Derek and I were so excited!  We LOVE getting people together, but don't have a lot of space, so this was perfect!  It didn't even take much decorating because it was already so cute naturally!

I bought the "Happy Birthday" banner at Target and made the other pendants and pin wheels.

I got a ton of farm animal things in the $1 section at Michael's, and it was 50% off!

Cake decorating is definitely not one of my talents, but Derek likes to make the cakes and I just do the best I can with decorating...don't look too close;)

The dollar store had the perfect red and white checked things.  I found some birch tree circles on etsy a while back, and chalkboard painted the middle of them, which made perfect labels for the food.

Derek also made the buns and we bought a huge breast of turkey and used a friends' meat slicer to slice it ourselves and save some money.  We also made the rest of the food too.

A friend of mine, Kelly, generously made these delicious raspberry lemonade freezies in jars, super yummy and cute!  Thank you!


Pin the tail on the cow...which we never actually got to play.

A blanket with some little people farm toys for the younger kids to play with.

Hakan helped me make these adorable little gift bags for their friends to take home.  There was an egg chalk, farm animal notepad, blow horn, and stickers inside, with a fruit strip to grab.

I really love balloons!

One of Adeline's favorite babysitters:)

I sewed Hakan's shirt and bow tie and Adeline's dress.

Hakan also helped make this cute pig pinata.  We don't eat a lot of candy (lots of sweet baked things:), so we actually filled it with all of our parade candy that the kids had collected over the summer, ssshhh, don't tell.

We didn't actually have to take any candy home, yay!  I'm sure all the parents loved us;)

We couldn't actually get the candles to stay lit outside...but you get the idea:)


Adeline stuck her hand in the frosting.

I have yet to write thank you's, terrible, I know!  Some of the presents didn't have cards and they kind of opened them all at the same time in pure chaos...this mama didn't do a great job of keeping track, but we are SO SO thankful for everyone coming and for the wonderful gifts!

After everyone left, we picked some currants off the bushes, mmm.

We ate them with yogurt the next morning.

I made these stick horses for them from this post, super simple, and even ended up making another one for a little friend's 1st birthday.

They had such a great time!  Almost instantly sleeping in the car on the way home.

We had so much fun celebrating our two little one's birthdays!!  Thanks everyone for making it a special day for them:)  We feel very blessed with all the people in our lives!

P.S. Sweetland's opening weekend for apple picking is THIS Saturday and Sunday!  I will be helping out on Sunday, come visit for some of the most delicious apples ever!!


Becca Groves said...

OH MY WORD. Out of the park! This party is amazing. It's like pinterest times 1,000. What fun. I may have to use a few of these ideas for our kiddos one day. That cake! The sock horses! The gift bags! The outfits you made! The menu and frozen lemonades in jars! Seriously, Lacy. Out of the park!

And super excited to visit Sweetland sometime. What a perfect name. I love that.

Jennifer said...

I love the little chicken cake. I may be doing a farm party for our little guy, and if I do, I will definitely make a little personal chick cake like that!! Great idea! Love the chick gift bags too!

mark lawrence said...

How cute! According to me, any place that has all your loved ones is the best event space Atlanta possible. I love celebrating my birthday with my relatives and family. It has been 20 years I am doing that, I still haven’t celebrated much with my friends, I just love being home.