Friday, September 6, 2013

July catch up part 2

My family was visiting for the weekend, so my sister came up to Fulton Farmer's Market, our favorite market, and we had a yummy breakfast of pastries from Patisserie 46 and fresh blueberries.  They have the best chocolate croissants, but were already out when we got there.  Then, we dropped the kids and my sister off at Lake Nokomis to swim and Derek and I went on a 13 mile bike ride, just the two of us, so fun!  We rode to Minnehaha Falls, and part of the Grand Round.

This is one of our favorite paths, just a long tunnel of beautiful trees, extra pretty in the fall.

That night was the Aquatennial fireworks in Minneapolis, so we drove about 6 miles away from there and rode our bikes the rest of the way, because parking and traffic gets pretty bad.  So much bike riding and time alone, it was amazing!  However, lights while riding at night would be helpful...we just don't think of it because it's such a rare occurrence:)

Derek had his monthly trip to Miami, and miss Adeline had three rough nights in a row.

She ended up sleeping on our floor one night.

Zoo fun!

Eww, but cool.

Typical Adeline, no shoes, in her own world.

July just flew by!  It's crazy how much we ended up doing!  Now I just need to catch up with August...and it's already September?!

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