Tuesday, September 3, 2013

Mount Caramel Family Camp

 Every summer of my life, I've gone to my uncle Dale's lake cabin, but he sold it last summer.  So a friend of mine, Becca, has spent every year of her life going to Mount Carmel Family Camp, and asked me if we might be interested in coming.  Of course we were!  I've read so much about it from Becca's awesome blog, and it seemed wonderful!  To add a bonus, Sara and Troy Groves were speaking and performing, yay, love them!  I called up my mom and asked if they would all want to go and she said yes! It was such a fun mini week at camp, we loved it!  It is absolutely one of the most gorgeous places!

We met so many great people!

Silly group picture:)

Grandma and Grandpa brought birthday gifts!

We got to play in the sand and lake.

Ginormous slip and slide?? Yes, please!

Completely worn out.

Sara and Troy had so many insightful and honest things to say, we really tried to take it all in.  And of course adored listening to her sing:)

We truly loved being part of this special place for a few days and spending time together as a family!  The staff was amazing!

"If you seek after community, you tend to miss it, but if you seek to love those around you, community forms." Michael Frost, author Exiles

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