Saturday, March 12, 2011

2nd Time Around

Being more than half way done with this pregnancy is just surreal. We haven't really thought about anything with the new little one, which is a girl by the way:) With Hakan, we had to make sure we had everything, crib, swing, highchair, bouncer, and lots lots more, but since we have all of that, there's not much to think about...and we're so busy it's hard to even try. We're trying to wrap our minds around having a girl, I think we're just used to our little man who is such a boy, she's going to be completely different, we're excited to meet her:)
Being pregnant with her has been a little different than Hakan. For example, for the first time in I'm pretty sure my entire life, the skin on my face is extremely dry, crazy dry. I'm one of those that had acne in high school, not fun, thanks dad. So normally, my skin is pretty oily, which I've heard is a good thing when you get older, not as many wrinkles...:)
Another thing, my lower back has been pretty sore. That's not necessarily from her, just having Hakan to pick up and pick up after I think has me bending over a ton more. I'll just need some more massages from Der.
She moves a lot more than Hakan did, constantly. It's not little movements either, they're quick jabs, a lot of times right on my bladder, not cool baby.
I also think I'm more hormonal this time around...just a tad emotional and irrational sometimes.
There's also another thing that's been extremely elevated...but I don't quite think it's quite appropriate blog material:)
I have to get another ultrasound at my next appointment, they apparently didn't get a good enough image of the spine. So they call and tell me this and make me wait another 4 weeks to know if everything is ok. We're just praying everything is fine and she just wasn't in a good position.

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