Wednesday, March 16, 2011

My Little Trooper

I absolutely adore our brave little man.

It started about a month ago at a urology appt., we finally made the decision to see one after our pedi not knowing what the little hole on top of Hakan's penis was since he was born.  She just always asks us if pee comes out of it, and we were 99% sure it didn't.

So the dr. said that sometimes boys can be born with 2 urethra tubes connecting to the bladder, it's very rare, but possible.  He didn't really think Hakan's went all the way back, but that is was a partial one.  To be sure though, he wanted to do a procedure to get a look inside.

Which brings us to this morning.  I was so nervous.  Hakan had his light breakfast (which is his normal breakfast anyway)  and then we headed to St. Paul for the appts.  First, they did an ultrasound of his belly, he laid on the table so nice for the lady. 

 Then we headed to the prep room where we waited 25 minutes, but luckily they had one of those Little Tikes cars you can ride in, so he just went up and down the hall loving all the attention from the nurses in his purple little gown and yellow socks (I wish I would've took some pics).

They were finally ready, I had to stand in the hall and watch through the window while they gave him some laughing gas (not good for a preggo mom to inhale that), he got to put stickers on the mask and of course he had to help the nurse hold it on, my little helper:)  They then placed a catheter in him, he did perfect...I on the other hand was in the hall crying.  I pulled myself together and they let me back in and he was just talking away.

They gave him teddy grahams and he became their new best friend and ate 2 bags worth.  He was then wheeled over to get some xrays taken.  The tech started telling me that I couldn't be in there either and this time there wasn't a window, I lost it, sobbing like a baby, luckily Hakan was so engrossed in his teddy grahams he didn't notice.  I again pulled myself together and went into the hall.  They filled his bladder really uncomfortably full and then make him pee.  He started crying, and I started crying again pacing in the hall.  It only lasted about 5 minutes, thank goodness.  They were just looking to see if everything flowed properly.  I got to go back in and hug my baby, he was totally fine, eating some more teddy's.

Then we went to the follow up appt.  Everything is fine, there's only one tube, which is great.  So basically it's cosmetic.  He will have surgery on May 12th to get it fixed, this time he'll be totally put under.  I'm nervous again, but thankful it's a small surgery and not something more, and I know he'll do great.

Every time he peed today he cried, I felt so helpless.  It should be better by tomorrow hopefully, it just breaks my heart.  Thanks for the prayers!!

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