Monday, May 7, 2012


Last weekend we all went to the MN History Museum, we're members.  If you know me, I adore history and social studies...hence me going to school to be a middle school social studies teacher, geek:)  I think it might come from my step dad, Roger.  Growing up, on any family vacation we would go to a museum, and we couldn't just walk/run through it, we had to read the plaques.  I am so thankful to him for instilling the importance of knowing where we come from...even if I didn't appreciate it growing up:)  

I am so fascinated with "old" things, seeing them in person is that much more cool!  Currently, they have some of the original copies of THE Declaration of Independence!!  Seriously, copies from the 1700's, from over 300 years ago!  Yeah, I'm sure you are just as excited and peeing your pants as I am, ha!  Anyway, so awesome! 
If you haven't watched the John Adams series that was on HBO, you totally should.  It was so well done, loved it!  

There was also a flight simulation of soldiers who were flying and jumping over Normandy beach on D-Day, my grandpa Jack was a pilot of a B-25 and flew over Normandy on D-Day as well, it made me super emotional to hear it in the perspective of one of them.  I'm very proud of my grandpa.

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