Monday, May 28, 2012

Mother's Day Weekend 2012

We went to Florida before I had a chance to post about our weekend in Fargo.

We originally planned to go to my sister, Alyssa's graduation from college in Grand Forks, but didn't leave in time to get up there.  However, I am so proud of her for graduating and getting a job, God has some amazing things planned for her and I'm so excited to see what they are!

And my other sister, Sammy, graduates from high school next year, oh my word, crazy!  Her nickname from my friends when she was little was naked baby...because she was a toddler running around naked when they came over:)  So, she'll always be naked baby, ha!

I have the most beautiful sisters, seriously!

And then while we were there, I decided to have my talented cousin, Megan, chop 8 inches of my "not been cut for 8 months hair" off!

I'm not usually too picky about my hair, but to be honest, it's a little short and I miss it.  However, it was donated for a good cause, and it will grow back, so it's all good.

A good friend of mine, Sara, also got her hair chopped and it looked adorable, but I completely forgot to get a pic.

Then we went to one of the last home games of Der's cousin, Zach, who played for NDSU.  It was hot and sunny, perfect baseball weather and they won!

Our trip ended at a high school watching some of my sister, Sammy's, last volleyball games.

Here's a four generation picture of my g'ma Mae, my mom, me and Adeline, fun!

Mandatory Mother's Day pic...always a challenge:)


This cracked me up, my g'ma playing on the Kindle Fire with Hakan, too funny!

Taco in a bag, a ND staple for all HS sporting events.  Yum:)

It was our usual busy ND weekend.  We love seeing all our family and friends when we're home!

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