Thursday, August 1, 2013

Apple Thinning

Our friends at Sweetland Orchard, had an apple thinning party, back in June.  You have to go through all the trees and make sure there aren't more than one bud on a bunch, if there are, you pick them off, so that the apples can grow big and delicious.  Any excuse for us to go out to the orchard in rain boots to help friends, we're in:)  Unfortunately, the lightening and thunder didn't want us out there right away, so we got to hang out in the beautiful barn until it let up.

The little red balls in the wagon hang from the trees to trap unwanted insects, used in place of other harmful chemicals some orchards use.  You can read all about their awesomely healthy growing practices here, and why we love Mike and Gretchen and their orchard:)

Can't wait to sink my teeth into this little apple come fall!

I really love wearing my rain boots:)

We also discovered Hakan is very allergic to mosquitoes and gets huge welts where they bite and Adeline doesn't react at all, poor Hakan.

After the orchard, we went to visit another friend who also has might remember this post from a few years ago:)

We just can't wait until we get to pick some apples this fall!!

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