Wednesday, August 7, 2013

Parade and Fireworks!

That one time we rode bike to the 4th of July parade and lost our kids...scariest mom moment thus far.  We had put our blanket down the day before, just what they do here, our first time doing it, and when we got there the next day, I took my bike to the blanket to see if there was somewhere to park our bikes.  Little did I know, Derek had taken the kids out of the cart to follow me.  So I turn with my bike down a back sidewalk to park my bike and yell over to Derek that he can bring his bike over too.  He comes over and I don't see the kids, he said they followed me...they were nowhere in site.  I immediately start freaking out and panicking, my heart racing.  We run both ways down the sidewalk that are completely full of people.  It was a good 5 minutes before someone said they had seen two little blonde kids walking that way, so we raced down that way a long ways, and found them with a lady who had given them a freezie and juice.  Oh my word, I started crying.  Scariest thing ever!  Thank God, they were fine, but I felt like the worst mom.  It took a good half hour to recover, I just felt sick.  

Minus that minor incident, we had a great 4th with friends:)

Adeline ate pretty much the entire 2 hour parade, it's what she does.

Yummy red, white and blue dessert!

We even got our wii Disney dance on...ha!

We decided last minute to ride bike up the hill from us to watch fireworks.


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