Wednesday, August 14, 2013

my family

I have a love-hate relationship with family pictures...probably more on the hate side when a certain two year old, will under no circumstances sit and smile for a family picture, not for lack of trying with suckers, trickery and other bribes.  Or when a certain four year old has a number one and two accident in his undies out in the middle of a nature reserve.  Or when it's only 9:00 a.m. and the temp and humidity level are quickly rising, causing this mama to sweat like crazy! Despite the obvious challenges of trying to get our happy little family on film being happy, capturing our family every year is super important to me and I get so giddy when I finally get to see the finished product and know it was all worth it:)

This year, we had the super talented, Lindsay May, of Lindsay May Photography, take our pictures, which was so awesome, because we've known her for a long time.  We took them at Bruce Vento Nature Sanctuary, an old train depot, and beautiful area to explore!

As usual, I am having a difficult time picking favorites, so I pretty much put them all on here:)

I also made Hakan's grey anchor tie, which I hope to have listed in my etsy shop soon.



These two are always scheming together.


Derek's mini me...seriously, in almost every way.

Goodness, they're handsome, can't even handle it!




"Look what's in mommy's hand?!?"

Nothing!  And Adeline runs away, didn't work.

LOVE this girl!

Notice the sucker in Adeline's mouth...

Notice the sucker is all gone, not a happy Adeline.

Lindsay pretty much captured us perfectly, thank you!

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