Saturday, July 9, 2011

Oh My Strawberries

This is our second time this year going out to pick strawberries, we LOVE fresh produce and picking our own fresh produce is even better!  

The first time out, I forgot to put the memory card back in our camera, oops, but Hakan didn't really eat any strawberries and it was raining so pics would have been a little difficult anyway.  

Today, it must have clicked that he can actually eat the strawberries.  Derek would put one in his little crate and he would gobble it right up, stem and all.  His shirt progressively got worse and worse with strawberry juiciness:)  He ate a ton!  But you can't blame him, they are soooo delicious!

Notice the mostly clean shirt...

Look at all that juice:)

Bug's eye view:)

Do you see the one with a hole in it in the upper right corner...Hakan's finger.

I love these guys to pieces!

So hard getting a posed picture of Hakan now:(

Fell asleep in a matter of minutes...

both of them:)

Two really weird strawberries I picked, just thought they were picture worthy.
We LOVE our Saturdays!  

Happy Saturday:)


Becca Groves said...

Holy cats! You're already out and about! And picking stawberries on a hot day! I am impressed. We thought about going out yesterday too...where do you go picking?

You're looking great, mama!

Lacy said...

I know, crazy:) It's just hard to stay inside taking it easy when there are things to do and nice weather:)

We went to Lorrence's Berry Farm. South on Cedar to Northfield. They have strawberries and raspberries, very delicious!