Friday, July 22, 2011

All Star!

Hakan turns two on July 28, but since we were back in ND, we had his party so our families could come.  

A friend of my mom's graciously let us use her very spacious garage.  We set up a ton of fans, the heat index was in the hundreds and it stayed pretty nice in there.

He LOVES baseball, so we went with that as the theme.  It was a home run:)!

His baseball card invitation (just ignore my lovely thumb).
We had some red vine licorice, goodie bags for the kids, chocolate cupcakes with marshmallow frosting from scratch (Derek did such a great job decorating them!), and of course Babe Ruth bars:)  In Jamestown, they didn't have any sports balloons of any kind, so since Hakan loves Elmo too, we got Elmo.
His little "2" shirt I made.
So silly!
Vanilla baseball cake, delicious recipe!  It took a while to frost, but totally worth it for Hakan!
Hakan loved blowing out the candle so much, we lit it a couple times for him.  He also thought the cake was yummy:)
This is the marshmallow frosting from the chocolate cupcakes...something else yummy.
I'm pretty sure his favorite gifts were the cards that made noise or sang a song, note to self for future presents:)
Getting some love from Great G'ma Mae and Great G'ma Proxie.
I want to thank everyone for their help in making this a special birthday for Hakan!!  

Hakan would like to thank everyone for his awesome birthday gifts...half of which are still in ND because we didn't have enough room in our small car:)  He can't get enough of his train set!

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