Tuesday, July 26, 2011


Our trip to ND was a busy one as usual.  On our way there all the MN rest stops were closed due to the gov't shut down, so we had to find a park in a town so Hakan could get out and Adeline could nurse...we found a very small park, but it worked:)

Our next stop was my G'ma Jenny's, who lives in West Fargo.  Her house is a toddlers dream, lots of pretty, sparkly breakables...a parents worst nightmare.  He managed not yo break anything this time.

G'ma J holding Adeline for the first time.
Just a little shot of some of the breakables, the glass table next to Hakan has large sharp chips in it...

One of our favorite things to do while we're back in Jamestown is go to the pool.  It's so cheap compared to  here!!  Der and I both used to work there...he was a sexy, tan lifeguard and I was a cashier, ha!  We were dating before I worked there though, a nice perk:) 

This was also where I spent most my summers growing up...not for "fun" swimming, I was part of a team almost year round and this is where we swam super early every morning in the summer.  I get goosebumps just thinking about how cold the water was that early.  So many great memories:)

It was just us four that went, so nice and relaxing.

Miss Adeline did not like the water much.

Yep, I bought A a suit.  Just too cute to resist!
Der's mom holding baby A.
My G'ma Mae
My G'pa Don.
Some great high school friends, so good to see them!!

This is my best friend growing up...so many stories and memories:)

If you haven't read about Hakan's birthday party, you can read it here.

It was a great weekend seeing family and friends and of course seeing my family's llamas at the fair...I may or may not have shown llamas at the fair growing up:)

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