Friday, October 28, 2011

Busy Weekends

We had my family visit two weekends ago and Der's family last weekend.  We love having our family around to visit.  Der's family was here a whole year ago, so really nice to have them here again.

Not only did we get to see family, Der and I got have two date nights in two weeks:)  Very much needed with Adeline not sleeping very well.  When my family was here, we went out to eat, I ate my first lobster...with cheese in a ravioli:)  I'm expanding my seafood selection slowly.  Then we went to Ikea for a little shopping and a $1 frozen yogurt cone, yum!  My mom and sister, Sammy, babysat, thank you!!

Der's family was here for four days, so we decided to get a hotel for the night.  We saw the movie "The Help" finally, very good in comparison to the book.  We ate at a pretty good pizza place.  Did a little shopping. Then went to the hotel and I got four straight hours of sleep, sweet bliss:)  Then we at the "Original Pancake House" for breakfast, delicious.  Thank you g'ma Wendy for babysitting, especially our wake up every hour baby girl.  It's crazy how much you miss your babies when you're away for just a short time.

With Der's fam we picked apples for the fourth time, went to Como Zoo, picked out our pumpkins and had a good busy time.

My mom also blessed us with her van.  So awesome of her!  We now have room for when we travel:)  Thanks mom!

 She actually prefers sleeping this way:)

 Der's Family

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