Friday, October 7, 2011

left foot, left foot, left foot, right

The arch on my left foot started hurting pretty bad after Adeline was born, so I decided to go to the foot dr.  

He said it's normal for pregnancy hormones to mess up your planter fascia tissue and said I had a slight case of planter fasciitis.

I told my mom this on the phone and she said, "You have warts on your feet?"  No mom, not planter warts, planter fasciitis.  I thought it was funny:)

Anyway, he said I have high arches and could benefit from customized arch supports.

So I am the proud owner of my very own arch supports that fit only my feet...I feel old, but hey, if they help, then I'm all for can't see them in shoes anyway:)

Of course they spelled my name wasn't on my file or anything.

The dr. is super nice, probably one of the friendliest dr.'s I've ever seen, so if you need a foot dr...

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