Wednesday, October 19, 2011

Halvorson Park

I meant to do this post a while ago, like in August when we were at the lake, just a couple months late:)

So we have our very own park named after us...well not us, but same last name. It's right by my uncle's lake cabin and I've always wanted to get pictures by it, but we usually end up just driving by.

There's a plaque behind us that actually spelled it "er" instead of "or" like on this sign...not sure which one is correct, but funny that it's spelled wrong.

Also, this sign kind of looks like it says "HAL VORS ON P ARK"...someone needs to work on their spacing skills:)

Enjoy all the outtakes as well, ha!


Oh yeah, the only thing at "our" park are restrooms and this ginormous Native American, Indian, American Indian, whichever is politically correct these days.

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