Tuesday, January 31, 2012

DIY Heart Felt Wreath

I think pinterest is going to be the end of me...I only have like four Valentine's projects I want to do.

So here's my first one:)

I attempted to make this.

But actually couldn't find this heart shape wreath anywhere.

So here's my version.

First, I purchased 3/4 yd red felt at Joanne's and then found the styrofoam heart at Michael's.  I already had the pins and twine to hang it with.

I used a cup to trace circles onto the felt (doubled up) using a fabric marker, they were about 3 inches.

Then I cut them out.

I folded each circle into quarters and pinned them at the point onto the heart styrofoam.  I did the outside edges first and then worked my way in.

I cut some twine and tied a bow, then pinned it to the back.


So it doesn't necessarily have the exact shape of a heart...but it's still red and pretty:)

The whole thing took less than an hour, my kind of project:)


Becca Groves said...

This is ADORABLE. And your photography is really stunning too. Way to get crafty!

I also wanted to say how relieved I am to hear Der is okay and cannot imagine how this drained the life out of you! That sort of event just shakes you to the core. Glad you had some personal time, and glad everything turned out the way it did. Praise God!

Bummer for the car...

Lacy said...

Thank you very much dear:) I loved your wreath as well!

And thank you about Derek too, we're doing good. Just waiting to see what insurance will do.

Kendra said...

I LOVE it! And I am totally a fast project girl too. Anything under an hour is good for me :)