Monday, January 23, 2012

Dress Up

I've been going through old photos and getting very nostalgic (hard word to spell).  

My G'ma Jenny, who I've mentioned here, has always been a very fancy, classy lady.  Back in the 40's and on she was super fashionable, matching hat, shoes, outfit, gloves, bag, jewelry the whole shebang.  Lucky for me she kept pretty much all of her clothes over the years and let me use them for dress up, AMAZING!  Seriously, tubs and tubs of clothes and shoes!  It has to be every little (or big) girl's dream.

So in 7th grade, I invited a bunch of girls over for my birthday and we played dress up all night long.  We video taped "Sally" episodes and dressed as the Spice girls.  This started a yearly, or sometimes more, tradition of playing dress up, through high school, yes, I know, we were playing dress up in high school and I'm not ashamed!  They are some of the best memories ever!  Even though we can't find some of the tapes, the memories ares still there:)  Also a few pictures...

This is our very first night of dressing up as the Spice Girls and singing to "Wannabe."  SO PRICELESS!

I love this second picture, because my step dad, Roger was video taping and laughing hysterically when we were singing:)

I believe this was for a school project...I'm in the maroon wearing one of my fave G'ma Jenny outfits:)  Jenni, in the glasses, was Sally, she was perfect!

My G'ma Jenny loved that we used her clothes as much as we did.

I'm making my mom keep them for my kids as they grow...luckily we had a girl:)

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