Friday, January 20, 2012

Something you might not know...

Here are a few things you may or may not know about me:)

I worked at Kohl's for three years in college and was "promoted" to the beauty department when they started it.  They flew me from Fargo to Minneapolis to learn the trade, SO.AWESOME, it was fun!  Can't say I miss retail that much though.

I swam for eight years all through high school and a teeny tiny bit in college.  The 100 butterfly and 200 IM were my races and I had a love/hate relationship with both of them.

Bad picture, but me on the block at our state meet,10 years ago...oh to be in that shape again, sigh.
Der and I have been together for almost 11 years, married 6.

I'm pretty sure this is the first picture take of us 10 years ago, we weren't even dating yet:) I think he had a pen or sucker in his mouth...
My best friend, Jenni, actually had a crush on Der before me and made me take secret pictures of them "together" at this Christmas party, lol!

Jenni's in the orange and white shirt and Der's in the grey long sleeve:)
I've had three dads.  You can read here for a little more info.

Kind of related to the previous one, I have one full blood younger sister, one half younger sister, two half younger brothers, and a step brother...I have a lot of family, but only two cousins interestingly enough.

If I'm eating pizza, I HAVE to have a glass of milk, the colder the better.

I got to sit in a private Houston Rockets practice when I was younger, I just remember them being super duper tall.

This is right when my sister, Alyssa and I got off the plane to see my dad, they were practicing where my step mom coached volleyball.  Check out the scrunchie:)  Also, don't ask me who they were, no idea. 
*The top one is Kenny Smith and the one below is Robert Horry, thanks Kirk!

I spent a month in France when I was 16, I LOVED it and really want to go back... unchaperoned and soon.

I'm on the right, in front of the Arc De Triomphe in Paris.
I have a K-6/Social Studies middle school teaching license, but only used it for a year while substitute hard to get a teaching job here right now.  My favorite sub job was at the French Immersion school, so much fun!

People spell my name wrong about 75% of the time, Lacy, not Lacey, which apparently is my dad's fault, according to my mom, for spelling it this way.  It will always boggle my mind that when people write on facebook or reply to an email and spell it wrong...really?! It's right there for you to see.  I know it happens to all of us.

I was a co-editor of our HS newspaper, The Blue Jay News, with one of my best friends, Kristy, we had some really good times:)

Just editing the paper after school with the computers:)
My middle name is Jean.

I absolutely loved my maiden name, it is the capitol of Alabama...go all the way back to 6th grade and dig up those capitols we had to memorize, ha!

I remember stupid small things and forget more important things that I should remember.

I could eat Mexican food everyday.

Der and Jesus saved my life.

Hope you learned something new:)


Venda said...

Lacy, don't take it wrong but on that pic from France you r in front of Arc de Triomphe,not Sacre Coeur

Lacy said...

HA! Oh my word!! I had two pics and the other one was Sacre Coeur, yep, changing it right now, thanks!!!!