Wednesday, January 4, 2012


Our absolute most favorite thing in 2011...

Miss Adeline Grace

It's funny how the new year represents a new beginning with new goals and resolutions, when you could be doing this all year long...well I'm jumping on the band wagon this year, and to be somewhat held accountable here are a few of ours:

Planning and shopping for our meals a week in advance.
This is so easy, just takes a little effort and in the long run saves time, money and stress.
We are trying a new site called to help with this.  
You type in all your recipes, create a shopping list and it organizes it in sections, then you take your smart phone or in our case kindle fire and check off the items as you shop, love it!  
After a couple days, it's working pretty well:)

Daily devotions and prayer.
This is a struggle for us, but no more excuses, it's the first thing we'll do when the kids go to bed...before Adeline wakes up.
We're using with a daily reading plan.

Be more intentional with my kids.
I want to make sure I'm filling them up every single day and not putting other things before them.
They are changing and growing everyday and I don't want to miss or regret anything.

Keep the house clean and organized...or semi-clean:)
Such a small house gets messy and cluttered fast.

Eat less and not so many sweets.
Ugh, we love to bake and eat it, this is another tough one.
Moderation, moderation, moderation.

Stay on budget.
On a weekly basis we will sit down and discuss our weekly purchases and see where we're at.
Long term - pay off student loans.

Renew my teaching license.
I know I've only used it for a year technically and it was subbing, but since I paid a fortune for it, I would like to keep it current...just need to figure out what I need to do that as it expires this year.

Print pictures every month.
I don't want my kids to turn 18 and have billions of pictures just sitting on hard drive.
I'm not going to print many, but enough to make some albums.
I wish I had time to scrapbook like I used to, but I think at least getting some in albums is better than nothing.

Hakan's Resolution...
Be potty trained by 2013.
Secretly I'm hoping by the end of winter, but he has absolutely no interest what so ever.

Adeline's Resolution...
Sleep through the night.
The sooner the better.
At least more than a couple hours.

What's you're number one resolution?

Good luck and Happy New Year!

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