Sunday, January 22, 2012

White Scare!

Both my mom and grandma started getting white hair when they were 16/17 years can understand then, why from 4th grade on I asked my hair stylist every single time I went in, if she found any white hair.

I know, stupid me being paranoid about something so trivial.

Well, we were in ND, on our way to a movie and I was putting my hair up in the car and noticed a single piece of hair, my heart stopped, I yanked it out, and asked Derek if it was white or blonde.  He didn't even look and said blonde...good man:)

I'm sitting there trying to compare it to my white coat, my navy sweater, straining to tell if it was white or blonde.  I stuck it in my pocket for later observation.  Der thought I was crazy...maybe.

We met my two sisters at the movie "We bought a Zoo," and I loved it!  Super cute movie and I totally want to buy a zoo.

Anyway, after the movie, I tell my sisters about it and ask them what they think.  I almost couldn't find the piece of hair, but finally did and the consensus was...blonde!  I love my sisters:)

I'm just going to stick with blonde...even if it wasn't.  It makes me feel better.

Now, I know I'm 27 years old and I've never had one before and it's really not a big deal, and if I end up getting my g'ma's beautiful white hair (not grey), I'd be super happy...but I just don't want it quite yet, just a few more years of my own color please!?

My G'ma Mae, best smile ever!
Can I blame it on having kids, ha!?

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