Tuesday, January 28, 2014

Bad idea...

This bitterly cold weather is really bringing me down and driving me crazy.  Hakan's preschool was cancelled again (he's only had 5 hours of school total for the month of January), and I had a chiropractic appointment with Dr. Katy of Lifespan Chiropractic in Apple Valley, love her!  My apppointment was right by Caribou, which I normally don't take our kids, because it's really unnecessary for them to get a pricey drink, but I thought, "Hey, let's get some hot chocolate on this -11 degree day!" and the kids said, "yeah!!!"  So off we go to Caribou, I order two kids hot cocoa's and a campfire mocha for myself with a scone and apple fritter.  

Then we sit down at our table, and the kids start eating the pastries, Adeline takes one drink of her cocoa and says, "yum, coffee!" (not coffee).  The one time I don't take the diaper bag with their water bottles, they're freaking out because they want water...you have cocoa right in front of you.  Then Adeline is up and down in her chair, saying she doesn't like the cocoa, after one drink and is trying to go across the table to steal Hakan's.  Then Hakan sets his cup down, trying to push Adeline's hands away, almost knocking his cup right off the table.  As I was reaching across trying to save it from the floor, I in turn, knock my own cup over, lid falling off all over my phone, coat, pants and boots and Adeline's mittens...

So what could have been a fun little special outing, turned into a super frustrating, should have just went home, soaking wet with coffee, pricey drinks untouched or spilled, outing.

Live and learn.

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