Tuesday, January 28, 2014

snowman with a mustache and a fort

I can't believe how cold it has been here.  Already in January, we've had three "snow days" because of the cold, with a possibility of more this week.  It makes me laugh a little, I don't ever remember not having school because of cold, but safety first I guess.  So when it's remotely warm, we bundle up and head outside to play.

 It was actually so warm out this day, that by the end of it, our little snow man slowly lost it's eyes, nose, mustache, head and middle, poor guy.



Daddy started making a little fort and the neighbor kid came out to play.  We do love all the kids in our neighborhood, one plus of living in a town house :)

If we could just have more days like this, we could get through winter...otherwise we might go a little crazy.

Stay warm!

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