Saturday, January 25, 2014

Eight years ago our lives changed...

And not because we got married, holy cow, but because some friends of ours introduced us to a safer and healthier alternative to our regular household products.  We decided we didn't want to be breathing in all the toxins from the cleaners, laundry soap, and hygiene products that were out on the market, so we signed up to be preferred members of Melaleuca, and have not regretted it once in over eight years!  

We have absolutely fallen in love with all of their products, the 30 year old company itself and all it stands for.  The best part, they don't just have safer and greener cleaning products, they have personal hygiene products (tooth paste, deodorant, acne treatments, lotions, etc), there's a professional make-up line, hair care line, the best vitamins on the market and the only ones patented to actually be absorbed into your system organically, medicine cabinet products, seriously, you name it, they probably have it.  I honestly can't imagine using any other products for my family.

Their Renew lotion is the only lotion that has worked on Hakan's eczema since he was a baby, and it's 7 times more effective than Eucerine.  Derek used to suffer from cankor sores, but since using their tooth paste, he barely ever gets them.  We have never had to do separate loads of laundry for our kids and us, because their laundry detergent is completely safe.  Did you know there are toxins in Tide known to cause cancer, eek!?  Also, for the same amount of Melaleuca and Tide detergents, you're actually pay $10 more for the Tide, crazy!  Our kids LOVE their vitamins and the Mango Tango Omega-3!  We have so many testimonies for these products!  They also have a 200% guarantee on all their products, love it!

With Melaleuca, we're not spending more money, we've actually saved a ton every month.  It's things you're already buying for yourself and your home, but at a better price.  Plus, it gets delivered right to your door every month.  

If you become a preferred member, you purchase a minimum of 35 product points a month, which ends up being between $50-$60, again, this isn't "new" money, it's money you're already spending on similar products.  By knowing that you are going to shop every month, it lowers operating costs, manufactures just in time, and eliminates storage and warehouse expenses, and in turn passes all those savings right back to you, their customer.  You get higher quality products with a 30%-40% discount every time you shop!

It's normally $29 to become a member, but during the month of January, it's only $1!!  That is such an awesome deal!  Not only that, but you get $100 in free products!  They want you to be able to try all the different products they offer, to see what you favorites are!  

You might ask where the strings are...there aren't any, seriously.  If you sign up and decide maybe it's not for you, you can fill out a form and email it in, done, no fees or catches, just done.  I would say to try it for a few months, just so you try some different things, but otherwise, you don't have to worry about anything.  

This isn't something you sell either.  If you love the products, you can refer family and friends to use them as well and earn a residual income.  They are a consumer direct marketing company, not a multilevel marketing, which means higher quality products, savings and better value and revenue sharing.  They manufacture and ship directly to you, no middle men.  You can earn 7% to 20% each time customers you refer shop at Melaleuca, so awesome!  So you get a check every month just for telling people how much you love it for your family!

All this to say, if you're interested in learning more, please email me lhalvorson02(at)hotmail(dot)com, I'd love to answer any questions or tell you more about how they've helped my family and how they can help yours!  $1 enrollment ends on Friday!  

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