Monday, January 6, 2014

Missouri Trip

The last two months just flew by, and I didn't blog at all in that time, so time to catch up...if that's possible, ha!

In November, we went down to Missouri to visit Derek's sister and family.  It was beautiful weather for the first couple of days, and then got cold, but we completely took advantage of the warmer sunny days.

We had to check out a local apple orchard.  They didn't have pick-your-own, but just in baskets, a little disappointing, but still fun to see all the different kinds we had never tasted.  So many new varieties, some really yummy, some were okay, we came away with three bags of apples to eat throughout our trip.

We spent some time at a park reserve that made me feel like I was Katniss Everdeen...just without the whole hunting thing.



The size of this leaf blows my mind.  It makes me think that it would be perfect for some dinosaurs.

Caves are super cool, but super creepy to me.

Grandma and Grandpa Halvorson with all their grandkids.

Steel magnum look from Derek, ha!

We can't go to Missouri and not go to Bass Pro Shop to visit Santa and look at all the wildlife.

We have to get our favorite frozen custard, oh so good!

Derek and I even went out for coffee and tea one night without the kids and had a really great time.

We went to Branson and the largest toy museum.  I've never seen so many toys!  I just wish it was more organized and had toys labeled with info about them, but still fun.

On our way home, we stopped at a good friend of ours house, Jenni and Anton, to visit them and their new baby Oliver.  They even put up with our crazy kids for a couple nights :)

This was a big bouncy bubble thing, super fun!

Me, Jenni and Oliver.

It was a really fun trip spent with family and friends!

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