Thursday, January 23, 2014

my ladies

It's so exciting when it works out that all four of us high school friends will be "home" at the same time and can meet up.  Sometimes Christmas can be the hardest time to meet up, even if we are all "home." But this Christmas, it worked out.  Missy made the most delicious monkey bread and Jenni made such a scrumptious egg bake, oh so yummy!  If there's one thing we can do together, it's eat delicious food!

Kristy and Jenni

Missy and Nolan

Gabby and Nolan

Mama's and their adorable babies (Nolan and Oliver)

All of Missy's old Barbie toys...the most Barbie toys I've ever seen.

Christmas gifts!


I just love these ladies with all my heart and love catching up with them!

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