Monday, August 1, 2011


Last weekend we were invited to the birthday party of a sweet girl who was turning 9.  Her dad is from India, her mom is from Columbia and both of their girls were born here in America.

It was one of the most unique and fun parties I've ever been to.

There were a ton of people, because according to the dad, you can't have a party without inviting everyone you know:)  They had a doughnut eating contest, a dunk tank, and a three legged race, unfortunately we missed these as Hakan was napping so we were a little late.  However, we heard good stories when we arrived:)

They had Indian food, very delicious and something I really haven't experienced...Hakan wasn't a fan.  My favorite part was the Spanish band that they had playing in the garage, so awesome!  Also watching people dance, like actually dancing, something I can't do, was amazing!

Hakan's favorite parts were the slushy machine, the sprinklers and fireworks (aerials are illegal here so they were just fountains...kind of lame compared to what we used to light as kids in ND, but Hakan loved them:).  Derek and I were sitting under a tree and Hakan kept walking to the garage, where he must have just been standing by the slushy machine waiting for someone to give him one, because he ended up coming back three different times, each time with a slushy.  He's just too cute to resist giving one to:)

It was a super hot day, but the party was so much fun.  I love experiencing new things and this party was one of a kind:)

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