Saturday, December 31, 2011

Saturday Morning Donuts

Der made donuts this lazy Saturday morning.  

He got a new book for Christmas, and it did not disappoint.  I would recommend this book if you want to make some delicious donuts.  Or if you live in the Washington state area, go to their bakery.  You can click on the picture for more info.

He made plain cake donuts with cinnamon and sugar and chocolate cake donuts with peanut butter frosting, seriously yummy.

Also a great way to start out 2012...eating donuts, ha!


Becca Groves said...

Oh I have got to get this for Rory! We love Top Pot (my brother lives very close to one...) and to make them ourselves sounds so, so fun!

Thanks for the tip!

Lacy said...

We are sooooo jealous Becca!! We've been trying to find a good place around here, but haven't had any luck. There are a lot of good recipes in the book, we're excited to try more:) Top Pot has a good story with it too.