Wednesday, December 14, 2011

Grandma Jenny's Presents

I love my Grandma Jenny.

with 2 week old Adeline
She's always said I was her gift from God, because I was born on her birthday:)

As she's getting older, she's been giving the most random Christmas presents that she finds in catalogs and infomercials.  When we sit down to open presents, we each usually have around 20 little wrapped gifts just from her of screwdrivers with lights, rolls of tape, mitten ice scrapers, coin counters, a little chihuahua that sings and jumps, dusting cloths, sponges, you get the idea.  

However, she's given us three random things that are my absolute favorite things in the house.

First is our steam mop.  When I first opened it, I was like, really?! we have to store this thing?!  But after having kids and cemented food to the floor ALL the time, this thing works like magic!  The best part is all you use is water, that's it!  You put a washable pad on the bottom, plug it in (not so cool), and go to town.

So this is a crazy 5 in 1 updated version of the one we got 5 years ago, but ours does do carpet, pretty awesome!  Ours is a boring white, but doesn't change how much I LOVE it!

The next thing is our Ninja blender.  Seriously, this thing blends anything and everything!  Puts any other blenders we have had to shame.  This is the exact one we have, LOVE it!  We use it for baby food, smoothies, potatoes, salsas, so many things!  I will say it's kind of a pain to store, but what blender isn't.

The next thing is our Magic Bullet, we actually got these two things the same year two years ago and wondered what we would do with both of them.

Don't worry, it's great to have both.  The bullet is so nice for smaller batches of things.  We use it again for baby food and rice, soups, smoothies, grinding spices, coffee, and other things.  So convenient! 

Thanks G'ma Jenny!

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