Saturday, January 21, 2012

Sweet Sweet Water Bed

When I was in kindergarten, my mom bought me a whole matching furniture set that included a queen size water bed, I LOVED it!  So 1980's for sure.

I found a couple of ooooold pictures that happen to have my water bed in it from long ago:)

Ha, no idea what my little sister Sammy is doing, but she's adorable!
I always had 4+ girls sleeping on my bed for sleepovers...this may or may not have caused it to leak:)
So for the next 14 years, this was my furniture (minus a small stint where my mom and step dad stole my water bed because their king didn't fit in their room).  My water bed went from a completely, "get on it or move and you're surfing for the next 10 minutes" mattress, to a mattress with foam, squishy stuff and water that didn't slosh around and was absolutely AMAZING!  It was also heated of course.

I don't ever remember having a problem sleeping growing up.  I was always comfortable and the perfect temperature.  It was my perfect bed.

Sadly, after so many loyal and wonderful years, it started to leak and I was in college, so my mom threw it out:(  

Recently...or after having babies, I don't sleep well at all.  We need a new mattress (which I know doesn't solve the whole baby waking up at night issue, but for those short in between times).  So this has me thinking about my water bed.  I miss it.  Of course I would not buy a water bed, it has to be the most impractical bed weighs a bazillion pounds...I'm not even sure they make them anymore.  Nevermind, just googled it and they do, but they look a little more high tech.

Side note, my dad bought a house when I was younger that had a ginormous round water bed built into the floor of the master bedroom...where do you even buy sheets for something like that?!  He remodeled:) 

Any recommendations for a good bed?

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Ashley Mattingley said...

A Tempurpedic! Expensive but totally worth it. We have a waterbed frame, so we can fit a California King mattress in it, and my hubby and I both have plenty of room! We can also share with our two kitties, and probably our baby when he/she is born in April! :)