Thursday, August 4, 2011

Annual Lake Day

Every Summer, we all head to my Great Uncle Dale's lake cabin on Clitheral Lake, MN, to spend the day together as a family.  Every year it gets harder and harder for everyone to come, so it makes it that much more special.

It's a 3 hour drive from our house, so we decided to spend the night at a hotel half way there.  First night in a hotel with the kiddo's and it went very well...Hakan was almost sleeping in the bathroom, but it worked:)

They had FREE little wading pools all over the town...jealous.  It was perfect for Hakan!  Adeline also had a good time:)

Then we found a pretty good pizza place in town...something we love trying to find in places we've never been...if you're ever in Salt Lake City...:)

Hakan really likes sauce!

Hakan had a blast playing the sand and water, he even ended up going out deep with us to swim.
On the way home Hakan was out within a matter of minutes...Adeline was not, and we made it home just in time to see some fireworks.

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april@gingerbread said...

ok...can i go on vacation with you? that looks amazing!!!!! LOVES!