Wednesday, August 3, 2011

It's Time...

I think...

Yes, I believe Hakan is ready for a big boy bed, I hope anyway.

This was Hakan at 6 months standing in his crib for the first time after nap, I about had a heart attack because the mattress wasn't lowered yet.
We've had Adeline in our room, but soon we will move her to Hakan's crib and add a bed to their room.  They have to share a room, which is a whole other scare for me, waking each other up and all.

I'm just nervous that after finally sleeping 12 hours at night, he might wake up more.  Or if he does wake up, he'll want to get up and read his books or play...or come to our room.  We need to really toddler proof the room, I need to get all the shelves attached to walls, where can you get that stuff?

It's going to be cramped, but sometime this week we're going to put Hakan's Ikea bed together and have him sleep in it.  The bed is pretty sweet, it can be a twin size, but squishes down smaller, thank goodness.  Toddler size beds seem like such a waste to me, so this seemed more practical.

He picked out some sports sheets with balls all over it, his favorite thing.

I think I'm going to start out with just putting him in it for naps.  I'm not sure on the best way to transition.  Any tips from big bed moms please?

It's kind of bitter sweet, my baby boy being big enough for an actual bed:(  This might be harder on me then on him I think.

Wish us luck!

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Anonymous said...

.Lacy, I have a few suggestions.
1) if he is going to bed or at least waking up the same time each morning- I would highly recoment putting a digital clock in his room that he can see in the dark and from hakans bed. Cover minutes and : with tape. If he knows the number 7,8 or whenever he wakes up- explain to him that he must stay in the bed until the clock says 7 or 8 (you make up the time. It gives them a task and some independance. You can reward him for motivation in the begining. If he does get out of bed I would recomend a consequence each time he does. Keep reminding of the time they stay in their bed. There were times where kenny would get axious and get up earlier each day to play with baby. This is where the clock came in handy. He knew no talking or getting out of bed until the clock said 7. He would often go back to sleep or lay quiet until it said 7 or I came in. I Would say get all toys and books out of his site and if possible out of the room so its not a temptation and so hakan can have use of toys etc when baby naps. If u want to manage sleeping well in the room make it a sleeping only room or at least onseal toys. make sure you give him 1 animal to be comforted by for sleeping. I would say for consequence if he gets out of bed, take away animal for 1 to 2 mins. Go longer each time. Make sure to give 1 warning then follow through. They do NOT like being without their animals. If this doesn't work and he just is resisting - let them know that you will lock to door so he can not come out for 2 mins. And extend each time- each time laying them back to bed. Now I just hold the door shut. They do try to open it! The idea to a child is very uncomfortable and they will likely resist at first then obey. After awhile. and some encouragment he will love it and so will you. Make sure he has a complete routine befor bed also- so there is no reason to get out of bed- potty and a small drink
2) about baby and waking hakan: the best thing u can do is accept and be ok and ready that hakan will wake. How to handle it when it does? Before I moved the baby in the room both times I would explain that the baby may wake up and momy would come in to feed them. Let them know that they can be mommys helper by staying really quiet when baby wakes so she will go back to sleep. Again u can do some rewards and praise for his quietness and going back to bed. I would just let haken also know no talking to baby or playing with baby. At first I thought it was cute but then it became disruptive during naps and bedtime. Follow through with consequences and be consistent. Get him pumped and prepareded! He may do better than u think. The more u communicate with hakan about what is happening and what is expected of him-he will probably do awsome. Last tidbit of advice- letting hakan in your bed for sleep at any time will be very hard and a struggle to get him to sleep in his bed. Probably to much advice but hope it helps! By the way what did u think of that sleep sense book I sent u? Did u get a chance to read it? Best wishes to good sleep!