Sunday, August 21, 2011

fishie fishie

Today we skipped Hakan's nap to go to a pool party with some friends.  Totally worth it (even with a few melt downs). We had a great time!  Delicious food and awesome company.

Derek and I both think it's important for our kids to be comfortable with the water and eventually learn how to swim, an invaluable ability.  We were both swimmers, me on a team for 9 years and him as a 5yr old:) and then a life guard through high school and part of college.

So Hakan was in the water all afternoon and by the end he was able to swim to Derek.  He won't be doing laps anytime soon, but he can swim!!!  I am one proud mama:)  And as a proud mama I took like 10 videos, excessive?  Not for my little fish:)

So here's my baby.

The guys are playing a made up game called "Tee" in the background.  Probably one of the funniest things to watch ever.  They put golf tees on the bottom of the pool and then they start to float up and when you see one you yell "tee" and then jump in and try to grab it, hilarious!

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