Saturday, September 10, 2011

just a little produce, pizza and pasta

We went to the St. Paul Farmer's Market,!  Holy moly, so many people, vendors and produce. 

I should've taken some pics when we were there, but completely forgot, being totally overwhelmed and all, maybe next time.

It was so much fun seeing all the beautiful colors and smelling the aromas of tons of different things, including flowers, so pretty!  

I so wish I could have a garden of my own to try and grow some of these veggies.  I can only grow some cherry tomatoes in a pot and one lone red pepper...still good though.  There was a vendor with just herbs, so many herbs!  I didn't think I'd find tarragon there, but she had it.

I have an exciting week full of new recipes to try which include lots of wonderful veggies (I've been really lagging in the supper department as of late, I need to redeem myself).

 We got spinach, green onion, celery, carrots, green beans, zucchini, tarragon, rosemary, basil, cilantro, red peppers, and onions.  Putting the herbs in some water in the fridge helps them last so much longer, they smell so good!

I also purchased 4 dozen corn the other day...the lady gave me a weird look.  It's SOOOOO delicious this time of year, I like to freeze it for the winter when you can't find it.  So today I blanched it, cut it off and froze it...we now have 14 lbs of corn in our freezer, yep, that's a lot of corn:)

Then we stopped at Cossetta's, one of our favorite restaurants, to eat some pizza and pasta.  It was Hakan's first time eating there...I think he likes it too:)

Happy Saturday!

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