Thursday, September 8, 2011


I forget that I’m a grown up.

Like when I’m…

finally at the last and final Harry Potter movie and feel as giddy as I did 10 years ago when the first one came out.

having a girls weekend with three of my FAVORITE ladies from high school and we talk forever and eat the most wonderfully delicious foods…things we probably shouldn’t be eating now that some of us have kids and our metabolism is starting to slow down.

going to the zoo and getting super excited to ride the tractor with my babies to the farm.

shopping and I see something that I just have to have so I buy it, cause’ I can…then I feel guilty and return it the next day because I really don’t need it.

on a date with my husband and he says or does something (like give me a look that says I love you more than life itself, sigh) that takes my breath away or gives me butterflies like 10 years ago when we first started hanging out.

having more fun blowing bubbles and chasing them than my two year old.

watching Gilmore Girls, LOVE that show!

riding bike and letting the wind blow through my helmet covered hair and feeling slightly embarrassed to be wearing a helmet (I used to take it off and hang it from my handle bars when my mom made me wear it), safety first though, we’ve got some crazy drivers here.

Then I’m hit smack in the face with the fact that, yes, I am indeed a grown up, when I’m…

at the store with my two littles, trying to decipher my shopping list at the same time as flipping through my coupons, juggling a fussy baby, digging in the diaper bag for a snack for my disgruntled 2 year old and pushing a cart.  I may or may not have run into someone before.

figuring out what our budget should be…we spend how much on groceries?!

not getting a hair cut for over six months because I either don’t have time or I’m just too cheap to spend money on it…ok, it’s both…who needs hair cuts anyways?

doing loads and loads of laundry and looking online to see how you get breast milk baby poo out of clothes (soak it in warm water with detergent), we’ve had more than a couple blowouts.

at the auto mechanic and he tells me my transmission is going out, not cheap.

cleaning up something that looks like a soggy cheerio off the carpet…at least I hope it’s a cheerio.

However, it’s not all bad being a grown up…

getting to share my life with a wonderful, caring, and handsome husband.

being the mom to an incredibly cute and sensitive two year old boy, Hakan, and a sweet, smiley, adorable baby girl, Adeline. 

and there’s all the little things, the sound of Hakan giggling, Adeline smiling and cooing back at me, mine and Derek’s conversations before we go to sleep, a hot cup of coffee (with delicious creamer of course), a good book, a beautiful fall day picking apples, smelling the air after it rains, holding a baby kitten (baby anything really), dancing with Hakan, cuddling with Adeline.

I wouldn’t trade my grown up life for anything:)


Becca Groves said...

I love everything about this post. And it's all so true- the mix of feeling like a kiddo and then being the adult is sometimes so startling to me! I think, 'Right. I am the mom. And if I don't figure out how to get this cemented banana off the floor I will just continue to step on it...forever.'

Lacy said...

Thanks Becca!