Sunday, September 18, 2011

Today's Season

It's hard being a parent, there are so many challenges that come with being one.  These are the current challenges I'm dealing with, which I know will change next week, month, year, always changing.

Apparently our babies get their teeth early, Adeline is 12 weeks and her first one is starting to pop through on the bottom.  Hakan was the same age and had all the teeth he was supposed to have after age two way before that at around 20 months.  Our poor baby is not herself, not being able to soothe her while crying, not napping very well, she's in pain, and it breaks my heart.  I don't know what it feels like, but it must be pretty terrible, and this is only the first one. I just pray she doesn't bite hard.  On the bright side, we've had 3 months of no teeth, she could've been born with them.

This is where her hands are when she can get them there...she doesn't have a lot of control yet:)
This being neighbor noise, Hakan's crying, yelling, laughing, loud toys, Adeline's crying, our cat, etc.  It seems that whenever one or the other is sleeping, the other one will be noisy, it never fails.  I think it's absolutely impossible to teach a two year old to whisper or be quiet, it's a never ending battle. And our cat chooses the quiet times to knock things in the bathroom sink or scratch the pads of her paws on something (she's declawed in the front).  Ugh, and the neighbors, loud tv's, loud music, loud yelling, slamming doors, it would be nice to not have connecting walls (we're in a town house).  Loud toys kind of drive me nuts...crazy nuts.  I don't know if toy makers think babies/kids are deaf, but the decibal of some of our toys has to be like that of a chain saw, seriously.

Hakan's Emotions
Oh man, Hakan is a roller coaster of emotions these days.  Just today he cried seven times within 30 minutes of waking up from his nap.  One minute he's laughing and having fun, the next he's having a melt down.  He gets super frustrated when he can't do something (no idea where he gets that) and immediately freaks out.  He's been learning what time outs are lately...even though I'm not sure they do anything.  I'm sure all these emotions are a combination of being two and having a new sister.  Of course along with the melt downs is our sweet, helpful, cuddly, I want to kiss and hug everyone all the time, including the cat Hakan.

Or lack of sleep.  I know this isn't the case, but it feels like our babies are the only ones that have problems sleeping.  I feel like I talk to other moms and their babies were "sleeping through the night" at six weeks...Hakan was 18 months and Adeline wakes up two to four times a night.  It's wearing me down.  I think I have a three month breaking point, I'm beat.  I don't even try to take a nap anymore, I can't shut my mind off and usually they're not sleeping at the same time or over lap just a small bit, and it doesn't pay for me to try.

One of the most beautiful things for me is seeing my babies' smiles:)
All of this said, I know it's just a season.  I know that just like the leaves changing color on the trees, the weather getting cooler and soon....snow, we have seasons in our lives that will just keep on changing. Every season will have challenges that we will just have to learn to deal with and adapt to.  But every season also has it's beauty and that is what I look forward to.

I'm also very thankful for our home, even though it's tiny, we have a roof over our heads and that's all that matters.  God is providing for us and I thank Him for that.

Thanks for listening:)

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